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Dental Risk Manager



Design and implement an overall risk management process for a dental practice, including but not limited to effective documentation of patient care, patient communication protocol, policy regarding informed consent and informed refusal process, to establish a complaint and claims process for patients, and to review and identify possible risk areas in the dental practice whether it relates to patient care, employer-employee issues, and financial impacts on the dental practice.  Design a program to identify, evaluate, reduce, or eliminate potential harm to patients and staff members by improving the quality of patient care and reducing frequency and severity of incidents to avoid medical malpractice, and/or a professional liability claim. Perform risk assessment and evaluations to avoid potential risks in the dental practice, handle malpractice claims or Dental Board complaints, and develop a ration approach to future risks.  


JOB LOCATION:          4102 N. 24TH ST, SUITE B2, PHOENIX, AZ  85016


REQUIREMENTS:       Doctor of Dental Surgery or equivalent req’d,


SALARY:                       $82,000.00 per year       


HOURS:                         40 hours per week

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